How Listing Photos Impact The Sale & Price of Your Raleigh Durham Home

Thinking of selling your home in Raleigh or Durham? Be sure to read up here for some photography tips.

Ten or twenty years ago, it was acceptable for real estate agents in the Durham or Raleigh area to simply snap a few pictures from a cheap disposable camera before adding them to the MLS.  But not anymore, thanks do to the internet. Did you know nearly 90% of buyers go online to search for homes?  High-quality listing photos are now critical. Listing photos impact the sale of your Raleigh Durham home for several reasons! It can impact how long your Durham home sits on the market, or if your Raleigh home will sell for your asking price. Worst of all, if your triangle home will even sell before the listing becomes expired. Believe it or not, there are tons of agents that are not investing in high-quality professional photos for your home. Run away from agents that aren’t willing to invest in your home!

Quality Listing Photos

According to the National Association of Realtors, 89% of buyers who searched for homes online reported photos as the most useful feature on the listing sites they visited. But those listing photos absolutely must be top quality. So if you don’t use a professional photographer and take the photos yourself, then you at least need to make sure your photos are taken from a high-quality DSLR camera. No, iPhone photography won’t wont cut it!

No matter the price point of the home, sellers who use DLSR listing photos are more likely to sell their homes within six months than those who didn’t use high-quality photography. For example, 64% homes in the $4000,000-$500,000 range sell in less than six months with DLSR photos, but only 46% of homes with point-and-shoot photos sell within that six-month period.

Additionally, with the evolution in digital photography equipment and the rise of more sophisticated online platforms, virtual tours have become increasingly important as a selling tool. Simply put, virtual reality and virtual tours allow realtors to better serve their clients. Digital images are perfect for a quick, professional showcasing of a home’s features, and virtual tours are great for buyers searching for homes long distance.

So, then, if you want a quicker sale, it pays to pay for professional DSLR listing photos, or use a realtor like us (Zach and Cindi Honeycutt) who include professional photography and virtual 3D tour technology with all of their listings. Ready to list? Give us a call (919-730-0777).

Quicker Sales with Great Photography

Generally, professionally photographed homes are more likely to sell, more likely to sell at a better price, and will usually sell faster!  Since most buyers begin their home search online, this is now a critical aspect of the home buying process.  The photos get buyers to visit the home because they have a fairly good idea of what the home is like beforehand and the photos stood out amongst the crowd of crooked, blurry iPhone pictures that many realtors are still using, unlike the Honeycutt Team.

Quality Listing Photos for More Money

It’s obvious that listing photos impact the sale of your Raleigh Durham home, and sharp photos have the greatest impact. The necessary sharpness is achieved through the use of a good camera with a good lens and proper lighting. Sellers need to use all of these things!

It doesn’t matter if you are photographing a kitchen or the back yard, the sharpest photos get the best results. According to one relevant real estate study, homes with the sharpest photos (in the top 10%) sold at or above the list price 44% of the time. And homes with photos of just average sharpness sold at or above list price only 13% of the time. Wow! What a huge difference! Can you really afford not to have high-quality photography for your listing photos?

So do your listing photos impact the sale of your Durham home? You bet they do. Quality photos can help you sell it faster and for more money. But you still have to know what to do with those clear, sharp photos once you have them. You have to know the best online venues where they will have the most sales impact. Leave the online marketing up to Zach and Cindi Honeycutt. We will get your home sold!

Are you ready to sell a Raleigh Durham House? We can help!  Send us a message or give us a call today! (919) 730-0777

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