Home Inspection Tips

Getting a home inspection in Durham or Raleigh soon? Today, we’re gonna be going over three important questions you can ask your home inspector.

One of the first questions you’ll wanna ask is what does this mean? When your inspector is walking through the house with you, it’s gonna be kind of a long and a slow process of him checking every nook and cranny of the house to find any potential issues that might be happening. You’ll definitely wanna ask him as you’re going along for clarification if you don’t understand.

“Is this a minor or major issue?” is another question you wanna bring up to your home inspector.

The last thing you’ll wanna ask your inspector is what his biggest concerns are with the house. Make sure you take a notepad or anything like that with you so that you can take some notes of things that he thinks look the most in need of being fixed.

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Cindi Honeycutt

Cindi Honeycutt


Cindi is a born and raised Durham native. She is a former elementary school teacher turned realtor, now working at Movil Realty. Cindi is excited to help others find their home here in the triangle.

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