What Young Homebuyers Look for in a New Home

If you recently placed your home on the market, and you’re looking to move into your newly built property as soon as possible, then you’ll need to find a buyer – and fast. There’s a good chance you’ve already done some decluttering and dusting to make your space look as pretty as possible, and a bit of sprucing up can go a long way during open houses. However, if you really want to sell fast, then you need to know what young homebuyers are looking for.

While making your home look inviting is a good first step, there are many other points to consider too. To help you get a sale as soon as you can, we’ve put together a list of five key things that young or first-time homebuyers want from your property.

1.     A Good Location

“Location” is one of the most important things that any buyer will look for. Of course, there’s only so much you can do here. There’s not much you can do if your property isn’t in the best neighborhood, to begin with. However, if you know that you live in an up-and-coming space, try and show that to your possible buyer. Give them literature about the new parks and schools being built in your area or show them the great view out of your master bedroom window. Hiring a great realtor, such as ourselves, will help you to get these things prepared.

2.     An Updated Bath and Kitchen

We all want places that we can relax and unwind in our homes. The bathroom is an obvious oasis for many families and a place to wind down after a long day. At the same time, a kitchen can be a community environment, great for spending time with friends and family. Make sure that both your bathroom and kitchen look great before you take your property to the market. This will help you to get a better price.

3.     Minimal Maintenance

Many buyers look for homes that are as low maintenance as possible. This means that granite countertops are appealing, along with wooden floors that can be swept and mopped occasionally rather than washed and vacuumed. Most younger home buyers are rushing around looking after kids and careers. With that in mind, they want to spend as little time as possible on their homecare routines. If you’re thinking of redecorating before a sale, keep that in mind.

4.     Storage Space

The last thing your buyer wants is to access the support of a moving company , just to discover when all of their property is safely delivered to their new home, that they have nowhere to put it. Storage space is essential for younger property owners. If you’re concerned that your home doesn’t have enough of it, offer your would-be buyers alternative ideas to where they can store their things and be sure that your closet spaces are de-cluttered to show maximum storage space.

5.     Energy Efficiency

Finally, now that energy costs are on the rise and younger generations are showing more interest in protecting the environment, it’s worth investing in a more energy efficient home. For instance, if you haven’t upgraded your heating and cooling system in a while, that might be something that’s worth looking at. Consider small things like your bulbs and thermostat too.

Cindi Honeycutt

Cindi Honeycutt


Cindi is a born and raised Durham native. She is a former elementary school teacher turned realtor, now working at Movil Realty. Cindi is excited to help others find their home here in the triangle.

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